Tour de Friends

My Photos of the Entire Tour

Raleigh to Warrenton (68 Miles)

Michelle gets some cash!

Michelle gets a new bike!

Ken, our captain, is moved.

John at the rideout!

Joe at the rideout!

John & Joe still fresh.

John & Joe in this together.

I pledge that safety is my number one concern.

And along came the rain...

Excuse me! I have a question.

I can't see around her either!

Yes, he's going to ride in that dress.

She wears it well.

Michael Lester

Gordon takes a drink.

Claudi rides for a brother she lost to AIDS.

Bill Donovan and others.

Claudia rides out.

Javier et. al.

The shoes don't really go.

Here we go!

There, I've opened my eyes.

Javier, Ken, and Ray ride out.

Fairfax, Va. Farmers Market

The Fairfax cheering station.

Riders in Fairfax.

Lunch stop!

Bio needs.

Safety patrol.

John rides in!

Joe rides in!

Yes, we can still walk...

...and smile about it!

Riders come in.

And more.

Someone had an accident right on the ending ramp!

Congratulating the finishers.

John's biggest fan!

John pauses.

Robert's new friend, Rose.

John comes in.

Our traffic patrol.

The men and women of safety.

The "SAG" guys.

Hotdog head.

Team ride to closing ceremonies.

Here we come.


Claudia comes 'round the bend.

And then Bryon.

Closing ceremonies venue.

Closer up.

The riders fill it up.

We made it!

Wardrobe change.

No flat tires!

It's a miracle!


Here! Here!

These things are getting heavy!

There's no place like home!

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