Tour de Friends

Other Photos of Day 1

Raleigh to Warrenton (65 Miles)

Heading Out Gate 11 at the Fairgrounds

Passing Dorton Arena at the Fairgrounds

Exiting the Jim Graham Building

Getting Cheered on at the Fairgrounds

Trucks for Our Gear

Alphabetical by Last Name

"Real Bikes" Don't Have Kick Stands

Our Tent Neighbors' Lingerie

Finding Our Bikes to Rideout

"The Garage" for Our Bikes Until Rideout


"There's No Looking Back"


Smile for the Camera

Thursday Morning Check-in

Getting It In Gear

Pressure Check

Pump Anyone?

Listen Missy

Team Alliance

Team Alliance

Team with Banner


The Lunch Room


Gordon & Bill in Their Beads

Mmmm, that's good!


Cold Water

Gimmie some ice!

Cool It!

Love your outfit!

Having a nICE time.

Cooling off.

Oh, what a pain!

A rider lunches.

Bike repairmen.

Rest stop.

Water and Gatorade.

Coffee break?

Riders and a supply truck.

Welcome to Warrenton, Gordon!

Welcome Byron and Ralph!

Welcome Roger, or is that Pete?

Fixing a flat.

There's still sequins left on that dress?

Welcome boy.

Welcome team.

Welcome team smiling.

Being welcomed to Warrenton.

A rider comes in.

They had free watermelon for us!

Rider 191 arrives.

68 long miles behind them.

All kinds of Warrentonians greeted us.

Cooling down. Waiting for riders.

Warrenton festivities.

Cecil shows off.


Ice cream!

Welcome sign from the Ben & Jerry guys.

Ben & Jerry guys providing free ice cream!

Cultural music.

Cutural dance.

Proud finishers.

A supporter among the team.

Tent city!

Tent city sunset.

A rider. A dentist. Toothpaste & brushes!

An anxious (tooth) brusher.

My nextdoor neighbor tenters.

John & Joe's Tent (w/Lanterns & Flowers)

Plastic helps.

A woman outstanding in her field.

Totem tent?


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