Long day… and night…

Class finished up at about 3:30. We finished up with Kim at about 4:30. I went to the Spectrum Center to hang out until my flight. I bought two games at 75% off at Barnes & Noble. I mulled it over for quite a while weighing the savings against the additional bag to carry back … Read more

Crazy Horse Saloon…

I had dinner with Kim tonight at the Crazy Horse. I had some Hawaiian type tacos. They were yum. We split a huge piece of mud cake. YUM! Kim left after dinner, and I watched the straight people two-step and line dance.

Ladies night out…

Class was good. Thomas really is an exceptional intstructor. I took Jim back to the hotel, and left the keys to the car with him for the evening. Brad picked me up at 5:30, and we met Thomas at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. I had the Thai Chicken pizza; I love that pizza. We … Read more

Class in Irvine…

I woke up before the alarm, logged in to briefly check for more Tour de Friends donations, of which there were many! My heart is so full from the generosity of my friends! By the end of the the day, I had nearly $1000 in donations! I am so grateful for the wonderful people in … Read more

Another voucher… yippee!

Robert got up at 7:00, showered, and left for work at 7:15. I got up right after that, had a little coffee, put a load of clothes into the wash, checked e-mail (got some new donations for the Tour de Friends!), showered, and then packed. I made a sandwich to eat on the plane. I … Read more

Tour de Friends Meet & Greet @ Oasis

I worked on the February TCW board meeting minutes today, and almost finished before having to leave at 1:15. I stopped by the post office to check the TCW mail, and then went to Oasis. There was a decent crowd there. Santiago was there, and he’s riding. That’s cool. Wes and Connie, in addition to … Read more

Games night…

I had another great, productive day at work, finishing up by packing up the things I need to take to Irvine, and setting my out of office messages up. I left at 4:00. I had dinner, and worked on my Tour de Friends letter, and sent e-mail out before leaving for Games Night at 7:15. … Read more

Lilies, and my friend Gregor!

Courtney and I had a measured bowl of cereal, with skim milk, for breakfast. I made us both an egg and cheese sandwich for lunch. We got in to work in time for her 9:00 meeting. I had lunch with “Stephanie,” who contacted me recently, via Dana. She is going to transition on the job … Read more

GLBT Business Meeting, EAGLE Lunch, Dancing!

Chris’ business meeting was sparsely attended (again) — Beth, Cheryl, Jeff, me, and Jay. Most of the meeting was spent talking about EAGLE apathy. The EAGLE lunch was disappointing, but in character with apathy — one other person, Renae, showed up to watch the POV special on Bayard Rustin. What an amazing gay man. I … Read more

PFlag, T-Flag, PFag…

I had lunch with Suzanne today. Always good to have some 1-on-1 time with her. Department meeting was canceled as Denny was not available to come as Susanne’s guest speaker. Sent Guardian/SafeGuard book out for final review today. Made good headway on the AP Listener book. Early afternoon Deb B. called from the NCStraightSpouse group … Read more