Joe and I were going to do the Durham Dairyland 65-mile ride today, but once again, it was raining when I got up, and the forecast was not good for the day. We bagged it. I spent the day doing three loads of laundry, cleaning my bathroom, ironing, catching up this journal, and my training … Read more

Choices and dancing…

I had to choose between the EAGLE monthly month gathering and our weekly MSBC meeting. I went to book club. Janet showed up pretty late, and made an annoying comment, “Just take care of it. You’re the one with all the money.” I left work at about 4:00, and went to Goodman Toyota to get … Read more

Oil and Battery change…

I had a busy day at work today, working about half and half on my book and ISO. I spent some time in the afternoon with Jim G. on ISO database connections. After work I brought my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and a new battery. After changing my battery, my radio/CD/tape … Read more

Rain, rain, go away!

We rode out to Louisburg with sprinkling rain along the way. Once there, the bottom fell out, and it started absolutely pouring. Ken canceled the ride, and moved it to tomorrow. We are going to forgo the scheduled Lake Wheeler ride, originally scheduled for tomorrow.

Work, work, work!

I got my book out for distribution at 3:05. I worked on ISO stuff until 6:00, with Stacy’s help from Austin, and in constant touch with Rich. Alan wanted to see what we had before he went home at 5:00 even though we got a one-month reprieve on the action items. I sent what we … Read more

Workin’ for Rich…

I worked until 10:00PM tonight. Rich called me from some airport at about 4:00, and asked me to review Randy’s responses to AR-0177, so that we can close on them with Alan tomorrow. I am so behind on my book that is supposed to be distributed tomorrow for the work session on it next Thursday. … Read more