I posted my journal entry from yesterday in the EAGLE Discussion database, and got some interesting, fun responses: ================================================================================ Cor! This recalls my visits to the optician. I always find that ‘invasion’ of personal space makes me close to either bursting out laughing or wanting to kiss the optician!!! I always have to calm myself … Read more

An Easy on the Eyes Eye Doctor

I had a 7:40AM appointment for my annual eye exam. Each year when I see this doctor, he takes my breath away. So devastatingly gorgeous. He sits very close to me, as he does every patient, for the tests he is performing. I find the entire experience so homoerotic. His face is on the other … Read more

Good meeting!

As usual, my Monday morning was consumed preparing for my 1:00 meeting, which Alan attended today. It was a really good meeting, and it was nice to have him engaged again. He brought up some good things to think about with regards to our “effectiveness analysis” work, both in terms of corrective and preventive actions, … Read more

I Was the 2004 NYC Gay Pride Parade

Well, sort of. I got up at 9:30, showered, packed, and went next out for breakfast. Right outside the hotel door, 52nd street was blocked off and the street was lined with floats for the parade that started at noon. People weren’t in them yet. There were folks hanging around some of them putting last-minute … Read more

Weekend Broadway Getaway

I worked from home today, but wasn’t very productive. I met Robert for lunch at Southpoint, at Panera’s. The traffic getting there was unfuckingbelievable. As it turned out there were multiple accidents on 40W, which had caused bumper to bumper traffic starting at the second airport exit. I crossed three lanes, and got off on … Read more


We had a 15 minute meeting in Mel’s office that should have taken 5 minutes. We went over general building security, it seems that over $12,000 worth of equipment has been taken out of the building since the first of the year. After the meeting, I sent Mel a note about the lack of security … Read more

Good day all around…

Cassandra and I had a great meeting, finally getting it together on a Wednesday. She shared her frustration with the document control issues once again found on our favorite team! Grrrrrrr! I ran Mary’s Virtual PM/RM Meeting today, which went really well. The project managers were open to being “nudged” for the metrics on the … Read more


I checked the TCW mail on the way into work this morning, and then, on a whim, stopped at the Cup A Joe’s on Hillsborough Street to see if the June edition of The Urban Hiker had come out yet. To my absolute delight, it had! I grabbed about 6 copies, and left. I didn’t … Read more

A Mother Talks Back to the Bigots

A Mother Talks Back to the Bigots: ‘I’ve had Enough of your Anti-Gay Venom’ By Sharon Underwood For the Valley News (White River Junction, Vermont/ Hanover, New Hampshire) As the mother of a gay son, I’ve seen firsthand how cruel and misguided people can be. Many letters have been sent to the Valley News concerning … Read more