A plethora of buscapades, smiling more, dad’s b-day, work, and a volunteer stint serving students..

A rush of buscapades this morning: This is the first time, since I’ve been riding the bus for seven months, that another person at my stop in the morning was smoking a cigarette while waiting for the bus. I stood about 20 feet from him. Just as the bus pulled away from my stop, two … Read more

Still tedious, some fun pics and vids, and a great dancing night…

I had two meetings canceled at work today, which left me with none. Sweet! I worked all day on finishing up those tedious meeting minutes I was working on yesterday. Still tedious. Someone tweeted a link to this today: And a major FAIL on failblog.org: And, finally, this in from Kirk who told us about … Read more

Minutes turn into hours, a paycut, a survey FAIL, and dinner and pool with Joe…

Back to work today. What fun. The day started with our weekly staff meeting, which was productive enough. I spent the afternoon working exclusively on the minutes of our March University IT Committee meeting. Tedious. My boss made a good observation about how long it takes to do minutes: “It seems like they should call them … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 1

My alarm went off at 4:45, and I pulled into Joe’s at a little after 5:30. There was just a very short line at U.S. Airways, and after check-in, we walked down to the Southwest end to go through security. Our short flight to Charlotte was uneventful. We had about an hour layover there, and … Read more

Virtual Friday for me, a nice visit with Adam @ line-dancing…

We had our hour-and-a-half working team meeting this morning, which was quite productive, and we ended with 15 minutes to spare. As usual, it was absolutely freaking freezing in the conference room. I had two afternoon meetings today, one from 1:00-2:00, and another, across campus, from 2:00-4:00. I thought I’d go to the first 45 … Read more