Thanksgiving Day

~Thursday~  I was up at 7:30, and I took Nala for about a 20-minute walk, during which she both peed and pooped. Such a good girl! I left her at 8:00, and once home filled the hard-boiled eggs with the mixture I had prepared yesterday. I once again started off with the wrong shaper on … Read more

Dog-sitting: Nala in good hands—well, eventually

~Wednesday~  Hi. I’m Nala—John’s friend Jen’s dog. (That relationship’s not as confusing as the one in’s latest Dear Prudence column about the guy who kissed his wife’s ex-husband’s wife, whom he’s afraid he might be in love with. People!) So. Back to me—Nala. Jen left me here at around ten o’clock this morning and … Read more

The lonely ex-bully and Salon XXVI…

~Sunday~  This entry—and its subsequent comments—in this week's Post Secrets collection "spoke to me": Tonight was Salon night, and here's our agenda with my responses interjected: Salon XXVI Agenda Sunday, November 20, 2011 Anna’s Home What about you: Would you rather be a Visogoth or sound weird? The Chronicle -Lingua Franca – Visigoths vs. Weirdness. … Read more

While out shopping: The timeless temper tantrum

~Saturday~  While out shopping today, I heard this—what I imagine to be a timeless—exchange between a parent and a child. Little kid passing a candy display: “Mommy, I want some candy!” Mom: “Honey, you have so much candy at home.” Little kid: “But I’m not at home, mommy!” That reminded me of this video clip, … Read more

Exit Only: A rulesy kind of girl

~Friday~  Today was a cold and rainy day, which was only made worse by relying on public transportation to move between buildings on opposite sides of the campus a couple of times during my work day. Now, I’m all about some rules. After all, my Myers-Briggs temperament is ESFJ, one of whose characteristics includes, “They … Read more