Speaking of unlikely things, two of them happened to me today…

~Monday~ Two very unlikely things happened to me today, one of them probably as unlikely as winning the mega-lottery. Speaking of the lottery, these ten things were more likely to happen than winning that recent half-billion-plus dollar lottery: Dating a super model: 1-in-88,000 Drowning in the bathtub: 1-in-840,000 Dying by falling off a ladder: 1-in-2.3 … Read more

Welcome to my blog!

I have a blog entry for every day of my life for over nine years now (since 01/12/2004), although toward the end of 2011, I started making my “daily routine entries” private. I’m still publishing them, they’re just not publicly viewable. Now I make sporadic public entries, usually in the form of vignettes or scenes, … Read more