Seventy Scenes of Halloween, a play at Manbites Dog Theater

~Friday~  As I watched Manbites Dog Theater’s current show—Seventy Scenes of Halloween, which is being remounted 25 years after its first run as the theater’s first show in 1987—I was thinking, “This is the kind of theater that Manbites has built its reputation on.” I tried to imagine just “coming across” this theater company and … Read more

Gratitude Marathon, November 2012

~Friday~  On Facebook, for the month of November, I participated in the "Gratitude Marathon," which consisted of professing some form of gratitude, once a day, for each day of the entire month of November. I've captured them here for those of you who aren't on Facebook (or aren't my friend there), and for my own … Read more

Cyber Monday and Love Wins!

~Monday~  This is an excerpt of an email I sent out to the people in the organization in which I work. If you’re looking for a worthy organization for a holiday gift, I can’t more highly recommend any one than Love Wins Ministries! Greetings friends and colleagues, I put forth Love Wins Ministries as one … Read more

Thanksgiving, 2012

~Thursday~ I was up at 6:30, with an ambitious goal of making 30 deviled eggs and three loaves of bread by 8:00, in order to leave Raleigh at 8:30. I’ve made deviled eggs many, many times now, and I’d already peeled, sliced, and de-yolked the eggs, and mixed up the filling last night, so I … Read more

On remembering being met…

~Tuesday~  Late this afternoon, I met with my financial advisor to check on my “stash” in advance of the presumably imminent, so-called “fiscal cliff.” I’ve been meeting with Nathan for over 12 years now, and although he certainly knows more about me than I know about him—If he didn’t, how could he advise me financially?—I … Read more

Election Day 2012: a first for me

~Tuesday~ We had Rhonda’s (my boss’s) breakfast gig this morning, and a lunch time “shower” for Garrison (a colleague) and Amy, which shower is in quotation marks because what we really had was our “Informal OCC Lunch” to which Amy was invited to join us. We did have cupcakes, provided by Jason and Erin, some … Read more