Ft. Lauderdale Vacation—Day 1

~Wednesday~  I got up at 8:00 and packed, showered, had breakfast, and was ready to go by 9:00. While waiting for Joe and Bob to arrive at 10:00, I read some of Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, starting again from the beginning. I had started it back in January, getting as far as chapter 19, but … Read more

OIT’s “Media Disposal Toss” at NC State’s Earth Day 2013 celebration…

~Wednesday~  Today, as part of my job as a technical communicator in the Office of Information Technology organization at NC State, my department staged a “Media Disposal Toss” event for NC State’s Earth Day 2013 event. Along with other NC State organizations, as well as dozens of non-university organizations, we set up a table on … Read more