Dry January (Day 31)

~Sunday~  I will be going out tonight, and I will have my first drink in a month at 12:00:01 a.m. And it might very well be a shot—of bourbon, of course. As these final hours of Dry January tick away, I’m reflecting on the month. My first inclination is to compare my experience to the … Read more

Dry January (Day 22)

~Friday~  It snowed today, and Bob and I walked to Seaboard Station to catch the R-Line over to The Borough. It was running mid-afternoon when I checked it to make sure, but by the time we walked to the stop at about 4:10, it had—apparently—gone “out of service.” We ended up walking the rest of … Read more

Dry January (Day 15)

~Friday~  I met Todd, at Flex, where it was “Go-go Dancers Friday,” as usual. I drank (regular, plain, free) water there this evening. None of the usual “Friday night pests” were there, which was a godsend. Only one of the four dancers piqued my interest at all. Sometime around midnight, I think it was, we … Read more

Dry January (Day 13)

~Wednesday~  I met my friends, Joe and Todd, at Cup-A-Joe to book a trip that we’re all taking together in April for Joe’s birthday. All three of us are doing Dry January, which is why we met in a coffee shop, so we drank coffee. After taking care of business, Todd twisted my arm (about … Read more