Our month on Cape Cod—day 5

~Wednesday~ Another uneventful workday, which is exactly what we like. Bob took a drive to Orleans for a Stop & Shop grocery store run and a TJ Maxx stop (considering a door mat, some potholders or oven mitts, and a couple of wash cloths). After lunch, he took a walk to the nearby Cape Cod … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 4

~Tuesday~ Another successful work day. We experienced a short, mid-afternoon power outage, but fortunately, I had recently saved the document I was working in, so I lost very little work. This is the second outage we’ve had since we arrived. The first one was the first day, and it was in the middle of the … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 3

~Monday~ I found the local classical station, Classical 107.5 WFCC (“Cape Classical”) to listen to on the radio during my editing day. So far it’s pretty good. It’s nice to know, too, that at any time, I can tune in to my “home” classical station, 89.7 WCPE, which streams on the internet 24 hours a … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 2

~Sunday~ Since we fell asleep so early last night, we got up at 5 a.m. I checked out the upstairs, which I hadn’t done yesterday, and I was delighted to find that there was another “desk” (which I put in quotes, because it was the same as the one downstairs and is really just a … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 1

~Saturday~ Since I’ll continue working remotely through at least the end of the year, my husband (Bob) and I are opting for a change of scenery. We’ve rented a little place on Cape Cod for a month! I’ll work Mondays through Thursdays and take off Fridays during this time. For Friday day trips, P-town is … Read more

Clip art journey

We both use sweatbands for our daily elliptical machine workouts and we hang them on the clothes rack with these clips. Each day, Bob lays out 3 clips for me to use after my workout, and one day, he started making “clip art” from them1 They remind me of the “towel art” on cruises. 1What … Read more