Business Trip in DC

My alarm went off at 6:00. I turned the television on. CNN was covering the storm. Wilmington was getting battered and so was Jacksonville. They checked in with their reporter in Jacksonville. He was literally not able to stand without being pushed off balance by the wind. The camera “pixilated” a couple of times because … Read more

Memories of Fran…

Cleaning up old floppy disks, as part of a letter to a friend, I found this description of my Hurricane Fran ordeal back in September of 1996. I’m capturing it here for posterity. I still have some slight PTSD around storms due to this experience. Rob and I suffered extensive damage to our place during … Read more

STC T-Shirt Ideas

I’m imagining on the front of the shirt: the acronym STC (or STC@NCSU) with Society for Technical Communication spelled out under it, and then the saying on the back. Also, I’m imagining all the lettering centered, and in the case of the second one, I would imagine audience, context, and purpose being in italics. I … Read more