The affirmation trail…

~Monday~   Being affirmed is an important part of keeping emotionally healthy, and recognizing affirmations is a lot like spotting “padiddles.” You know, as soon as you start looking for those cars with one headlight out, you see a bunch of them. I remember when I was contemplating getting my next car and was hesitant … Read more

A professional affirmation…

~Monday~  I’ve mentioned here before that our organization has T.O.A.S.T. (for Totally Outstanding Attitude, Service and Talent) award that any employee can give to any other employee for any reason at all. Think of them as the old “atta-boys,” which I’m sure should now be called “atta-persons.” I received one today from my colleague, Vanessa, … Read more

How great John art…

~Wednesday~  I’ve had a very professionally affirming couple of days, which I’m documenting for posterity. So if you’re not up for a How Great John Art blog entry, you’re excused. Our organization has an informal recognition program called T.O.A.S.T.—as in “Here’s a toast to you!” not as in, “You’re toast!“—and which stands for Totally Outstanding … Read more

White lies to the TSA, an Honor Flight, & Rene’s surprise 50th birthday party in Newport, RI…

~Saturday~ I left my house at 6:30, parked in long-term parking lot #3 (The Purple Lot), and walked in the drizzle across the parking lot to beat the bus around, which had passed the station closest to my car and was working its way around the perimeter of the parking lot. In my phone, I … Read more

A study abroad Wordle, the Raleigh police calls, a sad engineer, and a pool in the bar…

~Saturday~  I was up early this morning after sleeping almost 12 hours. Glorious. I made moves in the five of seven active Scrabbles in which it was my turn, while i had coffee and a whole grain bagel with some honey walnut cream cheese on it. I spent a couple hours scraping all the text … Read more

Zipcar ad ethos, a trip review affirmation, the FAF plan loses its weight, a focused group & dancing

~Wednesday~  I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus at the Gorman and Kaplan stop at 8:35, after waiting a mere 3 minutes—thanks to the wonders of GPS. I just mentioned the availability of “Zipcars” on campus now on the ride back from lunch with Libby on Tuesday, as we were discussing the pros and … Read more

Holey knees; if it weren’t for bad luck, she’d have no luck at all; deadly artifacts; and a $$$ trip

~Thursday~  Once again, I was ready between the 30-minute interval of the city bus, so I rode over to the Avent Ferry and Gorman Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus stop, which would be a convenient place to pick up my car after a luncheon I would be attending down the road on Avent Ferry. Since … Read more

A missing buses kind of day, good-looking an under-40 phenomenon, desperate for a mailman, & dancing

~Wednesday~  I checked the online GPS location of the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus, and although it was doubtful I would make it to the stop in time, I tried anyway. As I was parking, the bus pulled up about 200 feet away. I walked to the nearest city bus stop, which was pretty close … Read more

Willy-nilly seats, NOT a handpack, implicit AND explict affirmations, & a birthday wish@The Borough

~Wednesday~  I was quasi organized this morning, so I only had to add the four heaping teaspoons of coffee into the coffee maker, which was already primed with a filter and water. I arrived at the city bus stop at 8:14, where within view there were three areas of the sidewalk “under construction.” I’m not … Read more