SIGDOC 2012 Conference—Day 2, dining with friends, and some line-dancing & two-stepping with Casey..

~Friday~  The second, and final, day of the conference offered to sessions, again with three presentations each, followed by a “Wrap-up and Feedback” session to close out the conference. My colleague, and friend, Sarah Egan Warren, presented on “Creating Student Chapters” this morning during the one-hour breakfast time. As always, she was a “smooth operator,” … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 2

~Monday~  I was up at a decent hour, considering I was on vacation, and Joe and I had breakfast poolside at the resort restaurant and bar. I had their three-cheese omelet, which is one of my favorites, and some wheat toast, along with some coffee of course. I worked on catching up my blog for … Read more

A Manbites board meeting, lunch in Hillsborough, and blackout night at Flex…

~Saturday~  I got up at 8:30 this morning, and I made up a dozen sausage “biscuits” before heading to Durham for our 10:30 Manbites Dog Theater board of directors meeting. Biscuits is in quotation marks, because the turkey sausage patties were actually on rolls, not biscuits. I walked around Geer Street looking for the building … Read more

Donated diamonds, a Labor Day Holiday cookout, in-and-out scareyoke, and Asians and math…

~Sunday~ I got up at about 9:30 today, after trying to go back to sleep for an hour. I tested the mixture for the deviled eggs, which I immediately didn’t like. It was way too salty and the taste just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I considered just tossing them all, but then … Read more

It’s my move in eight games, a found hour to prep for deviled eggs, & Suzanne’s family gathering…

~Saturday~&nbsp I devised Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s blog entries from my phone notes and posted them. I made moves in the many Scrabble games in which it was my turn: I created a poll to schedule September’s, October’s, November’s, and December’s Salons and sent the link to the members. I was getting ready to … Read more