Coffee taste test…

~Friday~  On Tuesday, I qualified for today’s taste test at the NC State Sensory Service Center, and after indicating my top 3 choices for time and date, I was assigned today at 10:40. If you want to get on their list to qualify for future taste tests—and get paid for them!—register at Become a Taster. … Read more

25 slices of bread at $4 a slice adds up to a lot of bread—literally and figuratively

~Friday~ Today was payday in the five-day Bread Tasting Test that I participated in all this week, as part of NC State’s Sensory Service Center. Before I started this test last Monday, I did not know that the actual bread part of the bread—as opposed to the crust—is called “the crumb.” Did you? Each day … Read more

See no sour, smell no sour, taste no sour: sour cream taste test part two

~Thursday~  Today was part two of my three-part participation in a Sour Cream Taste Test. If you didn’t read part one, or don’t remember it, you can read about that experience here. One of the qualifying questions to be selected to participate in this test was a positive answer to, “Would you be willing to … Read more

Lacking in nomenclature and knowledge domain: My sour cream taste-testing experience…

~Thursday~ Yesterday, I participated in the first of three sessions of a Sour Cream Taste Test that I’m a part of. Of course I’ll be paid to give my opinion, and the reward schedule is enumerated below. I love how, in the first week, “healthy snacks, too” was added, pretty much, as an afterthought. Participants … Read more