Our month on Cape Cod—day 19

~Wednesday~ Bob made a grocery shopping run to the Stop & Shop this morning. We took separate walks again today, with Bob doing his during the work day, and me doing mine after work, which felt a little bit rushed because sunset was at 4:28 today. Thanks, Daylight Saving Time. Bob walked 3.84 miles to … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 10

~Monday~ Our Red Hat marketing organization had a “virtual offsite” today, even though we’re all offsite all the time now. When we’re in the office, this is a meeting that we have away from the office in a local establishment, which includes a catered breakfast, lunch, and an open bar “happy (2-3) hour(s)” at the … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 2

~Sunday~ Since we fell asleep so early last night, we got up at 5 a.m. I checked out the upstairs, which I hadn’t done yesterday, and I was delighted to find that there was another “desk” (which I put in quotes, because it was the same as the one downstairs and is really just a … Read more

3 short conversations in the Beyond department of Bed, Bath, & Beyond…

~Friday~ This evening I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond at Crossroads Plaza where I bought 3 gifts from my friend Courtney's registry for her bridal shower, which is tomorrow afternoon. After paying for the items, I was directed to the Do-It-Yourself Gift Wrapping station in one corner of the store, where I was greeted … Read more

A cranky cranky morning, arrogance on the bus, a new razor AND blade, and tossing my salad…

~Monday~  I woke up not feeling at all like going to work. I thought of a reference made in a Facebook status update by my friend Hugh yesterday: Two things were contributing to my malaise this morning: My left eyelid was totally swollen and itchy. I smeared some Bacitracin on it, and spent the whole … Read more

Charred Trees and Leaves, laptop shopping on a tax-free day, & TWC’s worst customer service ever…

~Friday~  I was up at 4:45, and no, that’s not a typo. I left home at 5:15, and when I went to turn right onto Kent to head up to Western Boulevard, there were two police cars blocking the road both directions, and up ahead I could see a bunch of cop cars and a … Read more

Is the bus close, credit card fraud free-for-all, a really misplaced modifier, & smokes for dancing

~Wednesday~  I was running way behind this morning, so much so that I caught the #9 Wolfline at the Gorman and Kaplan stop at 8:40. When I arrived at the stop, a student was there waiting and seeing me look at my CrackBerry, she asked, “Is it close?” “Yes, it’s at the stop before this … Read more

Obesity (& God) deters homosexuality, framed at 1/3 the cost, and a bag-wrapped credit card…

~Sunday~  I slept way in this morning. Oh glorious weekend. I participated in my Sunday morning ritual of coffee, breakfast, country gospel music, and perusing the week’s PostSecrets. Aside: What’s the difference between a “ritual” and a “habit?” The difference is intention. I think this secret was the richest, purely in terms of the issues … Read more