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Our month on Cape Cod—day 5

Another uneventful workday, which is exactly what we like.

Bob took a drive to Orleans for a Stop & Shop grocery store run and a TJ Maxx stop (considering a door mat, some potholders or oven mitts, and a couple of wash cloths).

After lunch, he took a walk to the nearby Cape Cod Rail Trail, the result of the national rails-to-trails conversion projects.

We’ve begun to think about things to do this long weekend. All of my weekends while here are going to be “long” weekends, because I’m taking all Fridays off.

A couple of things we’re considering so far, one of which was suggested by a Facebook friend who knows we’re here, include:

  • The Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth: In what will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well, I’m interested in the current exhibit there called “He wrote it all down Zealously: Edward Gorey’s Interesting Lists.” one should resist the urge to write it downI love lists, tracking, spreadsheets, and charts, and if you need any more proof of that, visit my My quantified self page. It’s a list of lists, essentially!

  • The Portuguese Bakery in Provincetown: I want some malassadas (“Portuguese doughnuts”), which always remind me of my Portuguese paternal grandmother who used to make them for us as children. (She’d roll over in her grave if she could see what they’re getting for these at $3.15 a piece!)

  • The city of Chatham: At least 3 of my Facebook friends have spent time in this city, and we want to check it out.

  • Notre Dame Cemetery in the city of Fall River: I grew up in Fall River, and although we plan to spend a full day there one day when my sister and her husband are visiting later on in our trip, Bob and I are thinking about going there on Sunday to most likely visit the cemetery where both sets of my grandparents are buried. I visited there last year about this time, and this time I will bring a trowel with us to “dig out” my paternal grandparents’ grave if it’s still in the same shape as it was then.

    Yes, my paternal grandparents’ headstone is under there
    (This the grave in which my grandmother would be rolling over in about the malassadas.)
    My maternal grandparents’ grave

Getting excited about the weekend just creating this entry! Tomorrow’s my “virtual Friday.”

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Clip art journey

We both use sweatbands for our daily elliptical machine workouts and we hang them on the clothes rack with these clips.

Hanging on the clothes rack

Each day, Bob lays out 3 clips for me to use after my workout, and one day, he started making “clip art” from them1 They remind me of the “towel art” on cruises.

1What do you mean your significant other doesn’t lay out your clothespins for you?

I’ve given each piece of “art” a title, and I’m going to keep adding any more that might appear. They’re in the order of newest to oldest.

The elliptical machine is that-a-way
(liberty taken with the number of clips for this one)

Switching it up

Hanging around on the hanging lamp

A fan favorite


Getting some on the side (table)

Hibbidy, hibbidy, hibbidgee

What a pane

Handling it

All tucked in

Ready for bed

Coaster clipping

The queen’s clips

The erection set

Let me go

The uterus

It’s gossip time

Get in line

The roundabout

Fork ahead

Merge ahead


The peace sign