Lovin’ the bed, I’m in a thread, myfriessuck.com reprisal, upper body work, and dancing…

I slept in this morning, getting a full eight hours of glorious sleep. I devised a separate blog entry for today called Financially Independent vs. Independently Wealthy, which was inspired by the question of a friend in a recent e-mail he sent to me congratulating me on my achievement and my leaving IBM. It is currently a … Read more

Financially Independent vs. Independently Wealthy

Recently I announced my imminent departure from IBM noting that I was embracing the “independent” part of being “financially independent.” To that end, I received a host of very heart-warming e-mail notes and discussion forum postings. One such e-mail posed this question in it: “Does ‘financially independent,’ come anywhere close to ‘independently wealthy’?” Interesting question, … Read more