An American sign of Spring, a snapped-in-half cell phone, a host family dinner, & a blase night out

~Friday~  Xolani and I caught the 7:45 city bus in. Once at the bus stop, I realized I’d forgotten my work badge, which operates the elevator in our building as well as lets us in after hours, and I ran back up to my house to get it. When I was coming back, Xolani was … Read more

Outside voices on the bus, FutureWeb 2010, and a bust of an LGBT BOF @ Flex…

~Thursday~  Xolani and I were up and at ’em again today to catch the 7:45 #12 Method Road city bus all the way downtown, as that’s where he’s working and where I was attending day two of the WWW2010/FutureWeb2010 conference at the Raleigh Convention Center. There were four kids on the bus this morning, which … Read more

WWW2010/FutureWeb 2010, a work funk, last night of class, and dancing…

~Wednesday~  Xolani and I had a nice exchange as we walked out to the bus stop together, since we hadn’t seen each other since last Wednesday. He actually went to Greensboro this weekend while I was gone, and although I didn’t learn how he did, I was glad to hear that he’d gotten out of … Read more

A travel day…

~Tuesday~  We got a late checkout, at 12:30, so took our time in the morning, including breakfast again at the poolside restaurant and bar. I had a plain bagel with cream cheese and grape jam on it, which was most delicious. We left for the airport at around 4:10 taking the same cab we returned … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 4

~Sunday~  Breakfast of a bagel and fruit. We walked down to the Quiznos on Duval for lunch, where a boy who was not the brightest crayon in the box, but arguably the prettiest one, made our sandwiches. We stopped at a souvenir type shop right by Quiznos where Joe and I each bought a white, … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 3

~Saturday~  Joe and I were on slightly different schedules this morning, so ate breakfast separately. We found out later that we’d “flip-flopped” on our breakfast order from yesterday—today I got the mushroom and Swiss omelet and he got the three-cheese one. The Annual Bed Race was scheduled for 2:00 today, but we made no effort … Read more

The right-hand rule lady, meeting Julie for lunch, an abandoned Skype call, and dancing…

~Wednesday~  Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Xolani and I caught the 7:45 city bus. One of Xolani’s dollar bills did not cooperate with the fare machine, and eventually the bus driver took it and made it work. The Right-hand Rule Lady was on board, whom I haven’t seen in forever. It’s been so long that you might … Read more