A smothered bus fare machine, Stand (or Lean) On Me & a poignant retirement gathering for my boss…

~Thursday~  It was slightly rainy this morning, but I had my umbrella, although it was a little hard to manage with laptop bag, soft-sided briefcase, and two rolls of wrapping paper—which I forgot to take to work last night when Casey and I dropped by there with the other party stuff—in my hand. Today’s “theme” … Read more

A Trane XE1000 heat pump, a heaving chest on the bus, a retirement lunch, and dancing w/Casey…

~Wednesday~  Casey mentioned the possibility of replacing my thermostat with one with a timer in it so that my house can be the temperature I want it to be when I get home. Before leaving for the bus stop, a made a note of the make and model of my heat pump to that end: … Read more

Rack & Ride Day, Listpro & Flipboard, Reveal Night, and The Miniature Earth…

~Tuesday~  The weather was just perfect today, which translates into temperatures in the high 60s. I think it’s been fairly clearly established here that my body temperature tends to run a little high. Ya think? I caught the 8:15 city bus in, and Try Transit Week has finally arrived, and this is how it will … Read more

Umbrella issues, the steam oven, lunch w/Myra, alphabetical schmalphabetical, Casey cooks, & Kohl’s

~Monday~  It was raining this morning, and it’s supposed to rain for at least the next three days. I couldn’t find my umbrella upon heading out to the bus stop this morning, and I proceeded like one does when the electricity goes out, continuing to flip on lights and turn to electronics that do not … Read more

Unmentionables mentioned, dinner w/Casey, a grocery run, non sequitur names, & hair that rules…

~Sunday~  In anticipation of Casey’s arrival later today, I washed the linens from my guest bedroom and bathroom, as well as did a separate load of my unmentionables. Actually, I’ll go ahead and mention them: several pairs of boxers, a few pairs of boxer briefs, and the occasional cum towel. But I seriously digress… I picked … Read more

Digital scrapbooking, being mistaken for a Republican, hilariously Nearly Lear, and Pride night out

~Saturday~  I spent some time at work today working on a digital scrapbook for my boss’ retirement gathering, which will be on Thursday of this week. I made good progress on it. At around 5:30, I took a walk up and down Hillsborough Street, where this was going on: Hillsborough Street Grand Re-opening FestivalAs I … Read more

“Excuse me. I’m going to do some flogging, and I don’t want to accidentally hurt you…”

~Friday~  I wanted to catch the Wolfline bus in this morning in order to check out the parking situation on Gorman Street up by Avent Ferry now that the resurfacing project seems to be finished. Though there aren’t any “No Parking” signs in the area where you used to be able to street park all … Read more

A halter on the bus, a LARGE PRINT book, the 65 questions Facebook meme, & Trailer Park Prize Night

~Thursday~ I caught the 7:45 city bus, and the boy who ran up late to the bus on Tuesday was already there and waiting this morning. The weather was beautiful outside, but the air on the inside was still. A lady sat up and to the left of me in a center-facing seat with a … Read more

Avoiding the S-word, a freakin awesome affirmation, TMI pictures, and a Plastics Anonymous party…

~Wednesday~  I walked up to the bus stop at 8:19 and the bus arrived at 8:20. I love it when that happens. When I boarded there was a city bus newbie, who was asking the bus driver at which stop he should get off in order to catch a connector to somewhere. I walked around … Read more

A boo earworm, boss churn, jonesin’ for free Glee, and a lot of cognitive dissonance…

~Tuesday~  For some reason—and that would be that lady’s endearment (“boo”) yesterday to the boy on the cellphone who had to run across the street to catch the bus—I was singing (and I use the term loosely) Nelly’s Dilemma to myself. As I was boarding the 7:45 city bus, a kid ran up to the … Read more