Chicago IML 2011—Day 3

~Sunday~ I woke up at 11:30 and looked outside to the dreariest weather ever. It looked like it was still dark out. I rolled back over and about a minute later, there was a bang on our window. Well, I turned around to look at the window and about had a heart attack. Did I … Read more

A busy workday, an aborted Kindle return, seeing Ann, loud phone talkers, & finishing Bossypants…

~Thursday~ My throat was sore when I woke up this morning, and I harked up gobs of unmentionable goo. Mark that one up to over-sharing first thing in the morning. I was at the bus stop at 8:10, way too early for the the 8:15 bus, but I had my Kindle with me and used … Read more

Google as a yenta tool, Jasmine speaks Spanish, found pills, Suzanne’s mom passes, and dancing…

~Wednesday~  I woke up not feeling at all well this morning. I had sniffles (perhaps a “summer cold” coming on, as they like to say “down here”), and I had an upset stomach. I arrived at the bus stop at 7:19, which was starting to push it for the 7:15 bus, but it didn’t arrive … Read more

An important voice mail message, possessive doctors, & all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy

~Tuesday~  I caught an earlier-than-usual bus in this morning, and so did Logorrhea. What luck. She looked an absolute wreck this morning and was not in uniform. Several of the university dining venues close for the summer, so she was probably either not working today or heading to another no-uniform-required summer job. She was on … Read more

A psycho-sexual non-erotic dream, identifiable anonymity, Chicago doings, and Bossypants…

~Monday~  OMG. I woke up from what was unequivocally the most bizarre dream of my entire life-to-date. And I’ve had a lot of dreams at my ripe old age. It was an intense, psycho-sexual, but completely non-erotic—except for one scene at the very beginning before I realized what was going on—dream of epic proportions. As … Read more

An ethnic breakfast, annoying PostSecret puzzles, Muslim Globe Trotters, & more book club milestones

~Sunday~  I was up at around 9:30 this morning, and I celebrated my ethnicity by making a chourico and cheese omelet. I “food-processed” about ten chourico hot dogs, some of which I put in the omelet, and the rest of which I’ll add to a dip I’m going to make. For the first time ever, … Read more