Stories We Tell

~Monday~ The first free movie I streamed using my new Amazon Prime subscription was the documentary Stories We Tell. I first heard about this film back in May of 2013, when Terry Gross interviewed the actor-director, Sarah Polley, on Fresh Air. Here's the 38-minute segment, if you're interested. The trailer: The synopsis: In this inspired, … Read more

The rhetoric of masculinity and the “sanitation station” at the gym…

~Wednesday~ At the Planet Fitness I go to, I've been observing, what are at once called "sanitation stations" and "cleaning stations," depending on who is giving the tour to prospective new customers. Each station consists of a paper towel dispenser, a caddy holding two spray bottles of disinfectant cleaner, and a trash can. Here's what … Read more

Love in the Time of Cholera

~Saturday~  Bob and I watched Love in the Time of Cholera, which he graciously rented from NetFlix on my behalf. My Mostly Social Book Club is currently reading the book, and I’d already read it in February of 1995, as a member of another book club, The Nematomes. I checked it out from the library, … Read more