The alphabet workout: “A” is for Another and Any…

~Wednesday~  Started by accident during my previous visit to the gym, today I sorted the music on my iPod by song and then scrolled down past a bunch of classical songs starting with an A, but that I didn’t want to listen to while working out, and I picked one to start with.

Evidently the words “another” and “any” are popular in song titles, or at least in the titles that I have downloaded.

Here’s what the playlist ended up being today:

Song Artist
Another Day Rent: Original Broadway Cast
Another Lonely Song Tammy Wynette
(Another Song) All Over Again Justin Timberlake
Anticipation Carly Simon
Any Love Luther Vandross
Any Way You Want It / Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Glee Cast
Anyone Who Had A Heart Dionne Warwick
Anything But Mine Kenny Chesney
Anytime Patsy Cline
Anytime You Need a Friend Mariah Carey

Thoughts and observations I experienced while listening to this list:

  • Before it started, I had no idea which song from Rent that was by the title, but I of course recognized it once it started playing, but only because I’d recognize every song from Rent.
  • I really don’t have that much music by Tammy Wynette, but so far I’m two for two in one appearing in the alphabet playlist. It’ll be interesting to see if she makes the “B” list.
  • Justin Timberlake (I would so do him, but I digress…) sounded weird in that song. At first I thought it was a woman singing, and I never did recognize the song.
  • The song Anticipation always reminds me of a far-off place and a far-off love.
  • I really didn’t care for that Dionne Warwick song, but I know I won’t delete it from my iTunes library.
  • That Mariah Carey can hit some notes.

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