FAQs about my gym check-ins

I’ve had several questions over the years about the content of my Facebook gym check-ins, which are mostly to Planet Fitness but sometimes to the Red Hat Fitness Center.

  1. How long have you been doing this?
    The oldest record I have of one is May 3, 2010, so 7 years? But there’s only one in 2010, and then they appear more regularly in 2012, so it’s probably more like 5 years.

  2. Do you make them up?
    I’ve only made up one or 2 of them over the years.

  3. Why don’t you give attribution to them if you’re not making them up?
    I did in the beginning, when I was getting a lot of them from “Quotable Quotes” sites, but then I started to get them from several different places and most of the time they weren’t attributed to anyone, and so I eventually stopped. People can Google it if they’re interested in its source.

  4. Where do you get them?
    I get them from several different sources: someecards, other people’s timelines, memes, PostSecret, and sometimes I just Google “exercise sayings” or “exercise memes” or “exercise quotes” or “exercise jokes.” Or, I substitute “gym” or “diet” for “exercise” in all of those search arguments.

  5. Does Planet Fitness pay you to post them?
    No. They don’t even know I post them, since they’re on my timeline, which is friends-only, and not on Facebook’s Planet Fitness page or any place public.

  6. Why do you post them?
    The biggest reason is because it’s a huge motivator in getting me to the gym. I look forward to checking them after I’m done to see the reactions to them.

  7. Do you have any criteria for their use?
    Yes, I don’t use one unless it’s been at least a year since I last used it.

  8. How do you know how many times you’ve used one or how long it’s been since you last used it?
    I have a spreadsheet with all of them in it, including how often each has been used, the last date I used it, and the date of each use.

    Sorted by frequency of use

    First spreadsheet column showing frequency of use

    Sorted by date of last use

    Spreadsheet column labled 'Last' showing the date of last use

  9. How many do you have?

    The number of rows currently in my spreadsheet indicates that I have 340 of them.

    Spreadsheet number of rows = 340

  10. Haven’t you already used that one? (Which sometimes manifests itself as, “You’ve already used that one!”)
    Usually I get this from someone who doesn’t know 1) that I keep track of them, and 2) what my criteria for re-use is. I always use the opportunity to educate them. 🙂

  11. Have you seen this one? (With the item in question either posted to my timeline or to their own timeline with me tagged.)
    People often want to make sure I’ve seen something they think I might like to use, which I appreciate, but often already have it in my repertoire. I’m somewhat of a control freak (I can see you trying to put a look of surprise on your face) about what goes on my timeline, so I appreciate when someone sends me one using Facebook Messenger instead of putting it on my timeline or tagging me on it in a posting on their timeline.

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