Too much fun…

I left work at 4:00 today so that Robert and I could go to the fair before dancing. He arrived just after 4:30, and we set out. We had to walk quite a ways to get to the fair, but he was cool with it.

We had gobs of junk to eat, let’s see can I recount it all? This is going to be our total food consumption; I am not going to attribute the food to the person. 🙂 BBQ Pork sandwiches with slaw. Fries. Soda. Tea. A Fried Twinkie. I’m missing something. I know we ate more than that.

We rode three rides: the scrambler (called the Swinger by this provider), the Ferris Wheel (the big one), and I don’t know what you call the other thing, but it was like the round-up, only you sit, and it swings side to side, VERY high, almost straight up.

Though it was NOT fun, we laughed and laughed and laughed on the scrambler. I was getting absolutely tortured on the outside seat. My neck was really hurting. I started yelling things at the operator every time I got flung next to him. Things like, “Look at your watch! This is too long! Make it stop!” and finally, “People are getting hurt on this thing!” Robert and the people in line were laughing. The operator totally ignored me. In fact, I swear I thought I saw him slide his foot nonchalantly over and press a “add extra minute” button.

We got back to my place around 7, had some MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, and parted ways — Robert back home to Chapel Hill, and me to Flex.

Dancing was most fun, with a decent crowd. At the end of the night “Bob,” came up to me and said, “Would you teach me to two-step?” He had been drinking a lot, but I got the impression he needed that 1) to approach me, and 2) to be able to step out there and learn how to dance with people watching. I actually met him last week, or two weeks ago. I thought he was with Gerald and Paul, but he told me, no, that he only knows Gerald through their businesses. From that comment I presume he is a hairdresser, but I don’t know for sure. I know that Gerald is.

wild_sun Gregor has been insistent that Adam is interested in more than just dancing with me. I have been assuring him over and over that I know Adam is not interested in anything but dancing with me. Tonight, a slow dance came on and Adam came running up to me like he does. I just knew he was going to try and dance “double time” to the song, so I said, “No, I want to dance slow to it. Let’s just have a slow, romantic dance.” He shouted at me, “I have a boyfriend! I said, “I only want to dance slow with you!” I laughed and laughed thinking about Gregor. I wished he could have witnessed it. It was kind of classic.

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