L.A. bound…

Robert woke me up in an mmmmmmmm way… then mmmmmm again. He dropped me off at the airport on his way back to Chapel Hill. I had a bagel and coffee after checking in. My flight left on time. I sat in a middle seat on the RDU > DFW leg, next to a rather large man on my right, who made about five work calls, all of which everyone around him endured every detail about. The lady in front of us was traveling with a doberman pincher that had a saddle-type thing across its back that said “Service Dog.” She wasn’t blind, and didn’t seem impaired in any way.

There was a 12:45 flight from DFW to Orange County, though I was booked on the 2:24 flight. I was able to fly standby on the earlier flight. Once I arrived, I went ahead and got my rental car, and went to the hotel to drop off my laptop and shoulder bag. I’m not thrilled with this room. 1) It has a queen bed instead of a king bed, 2) it smells like smoke even though it’s supposed to be a non-smoking room, plus there’s an ashtray in the bathroom, and 3) it’s not a Starwood hotel. I am going to check into a different hotel some time during the day tomorrow.

I checked in with Robert, and returned Steve’s voice mail message. I logged in to work and the Internet, checked all mail. I checked in with Kim L. to get directions to work for the morning. I went back to the airport to get my bags, which were arriving on my originally booked flight.

At about 7:00, I took a ride following Kim’s directions, so I’ll know where I’m going in the morning. It’s very close to the hotel. I rode to the Spectrum Center, which is an outrageously outlandish shopping/entertainment area/mall. I ate at The Cheesecake Factory. I stopped by the grocery store, “Ralph’s,” on the way home, and bought two bagels and two sticks of butter. 🙂

As I’m catching up this journal, I have a TV show on that’s all in Spanish. I wish I could understand what’s going on. There are some totally hot guys on it, and they are crying while stories are being told. The host is totally hot, too. I’m so shallow. 🙂

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