Diets and dancing…

So I ordered 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners, and 28 snacks. Back on Nutrisystem, on which I lost 65 lbs several years back. We’ll see if I stick with it. My initial goal would be to lose 15 pounds before I go skiing at Tahoe in March. That should be doable. I can’t wait for my “box-o-food” to arrive.

I had a fairly productive day at work today, and got my office straightened up a little.

Robert was at the house when I got home shortly after 6:30. We put the pizza in, and went up and fiddled with Fireworks to “touch up” the family portrait taken at Christmastime at his mom’s. We removed some grease spots from mom’s shirt. Erased the time and date print from Fran’s arm and blouse. Added color under Mark’s eyes, and took away color under his mom’s eyes. They look pretty presentable now! I thought about the “ethics of airbrushing” or more, really, about “altering reality” — just intellectual masturbation about the final product looking nice, but how it doesn’t capture reality. Oh well. Reality is over-rated anyway.

Dancing was fun tonight. I wasn’t into it on the way there, probably mostly from the 30-minute nap beforehand. I am so not a good napper. Once there, though, it was a good time. We actually had a good number of dancers there. Andre was back after being absent since before October. When I asked him why it’s been so long, he responded, “Busy life.” I thought, “Priorities.” Few people have a busier life than I have (see for yourself), and I manage to make it to dancing almost without fail.

Robert decided not to spend the night, as I have a bit of a sore throat. He recommended Nyquil. I took his advice.

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