Do you have a funnel?

I spent the work day working in the Tivoli Security Document Control library testing the demo “flow” for tomorrow’s meeting.

We (Courtney and I) left work at 5:00. I dropped her off at the house, checked my mail real quick (got my W-2 form – yippee), and went off to class.

Class was interesting enough tonight, but not excellent. We talked about our first assignment coming up: “Inquiry Usability Test.” I believe I’m going to ask three of my friends to program my microwave to either cook a meal automatically, or thaw out a certain kind of food. In addition to completing my assignment, this may help me to understand what this “JetFrost” notion is all about on my microwave. And, bonus, I do have the instructions for the thing. In fact, as I’m writing this, I may ask Courtney to do this one night this week while she’s staying with me.

I stopped by HT on the way home, and got some vegetables, eggs, and milk. I bought “medium” sized eggs, probably for the first time ever. I’ve never noticed that they don’t even sell “small” eggs.

At home, Courtney helped me by cutting up some celery, while I cleaned the head of lettuce. She noted that I didn’t have any “chopping knives,” and I noted that I didn’t need any. The knives I use to chop my vegetables work just fine. I don’t care for anything else (especially a want versus a need) to buy and store. If I had trouble chopping things with the knives I have, I’d get different ones.

As I was running the head of lettuce under the faucet she said, “Don’t you have a salad spinner?” I looked at her with my I-don’t-even-know-what-that-is-but-it-sounds-like-something-else-to-clean-and-store look. She dropped it.

Courtney also emptied my one bottle of regular Thousand Islands and the other bottle of Free Thousand Islands salad dressing into a mixing bowl, mixed them together, and then poured them back into the two bottles. In the process, she said, “Do you have a funnel?” I simply said no, and she proceeded to make one out of tinfoil.

This exchange was all in fun, but it did make me realize how glad I am not to have a wife. For that matter, even a live-in husband. These are just a few of all of those things — daily compromises — that have to be made when living with someone.

For the rest of the evening, Courtney read some of my book, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, while I read homework: that dreadful Genre book by Swales.

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