COM598M database entries, Robert cleaned for me, Military Mary’s party, and dancing…

Whereabouts Clock

The Whereabouts Clock is a situated display for the kitchen wall which displays the general whereabouts of family members. The Clock works by using cell phone data. When a family member’s cell phone is on, it automatically transmits SMS messages to the device when that person moves from one registered zone (such as ‘home’) into another registered zone (such as ‘school’).

Registering these zones only needs to be done once for each zone when the software is first installed. Thereafter, users need do nothing except switch on their phones. If they do not wish to be shown on the clock, they simply switch the application off. Additionally, users are given the option of texting in more specific information about their activities in each zone. So, for example, if a person is ‘out’ but shopping, they can text ‘shopping’ and the text will appear under the person’s icon on the Whereabouts Clock.

I had a ├╝ber productive day today, catching up my COM598M database entries for Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4.

Robert came over at about 2:00, and was a dear, dear man to clean house for me while I worked on this.

We rode out to Military Mary’s (Bill’s) place for his annual deck gathering, which is always nice. This year’s party was no exception.

It was a nice opportunity for Steve, Stephen, Joe, Robert, me, Ben and Dale to all get together, and Robert Fox and Rick Enlow were there as well.

Bill always has quite the crowd, a large number of “older” gay men — you know they’re old if I’m calling them “older,” and the food is always good, which he has catered — a pig-pickin’, but without the presence of the actual carcass.

The biggest surprise of the evening was the highly anticipated banana pudding, which turned out to be some kind of coconut pudding, instead.

We stopped by home, changed, and headed to Flex for dancing. I really wasn’t into it tonight.

It did get pretty crowded in there as 10:30 approached, and we left as soon as the dancing stopped, even though it was “Disco Night” tonight.

At home, we worked on a challenging Indy crossword puzzle before lights out.

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