A bad sensor, a REALLY good hair day, frosting shots, and a makeshift patio…

I was up at 6:00, still having 9 hours of sleep, since I got to bed so early. I caught the 7:25 Method Road bus, and the ride in was uneventful.

The microwave in the kitchen area on our floor at work has three preset buttons: one for popcorn, one for beverages, and one for reheating. Someone taped a piece of paper over the word “Popcorn” as follows, including the red color:


I’m thinking that should I make some popcorn in this microwave, I’ll not rely on the sensor setting.

In other kitchen news, you can tell a lot about an organization by what has accumulated in their shared refrigerator over time. Most notable in our group’s fridge: 4 partially full plastic squeeze bottles of chocolate syrup, and another of caramel syrup. Sweet. Literally.

And speaking of our kitchen, the room also doubles as one of our supply areas. Before I knew this, I asked my officemate, “Where can I get a stapler?”

“In the kitchen,” she replied.

“Great, thanks,” I said, and added, “Should I look for scissors in the bathroom?”

I got two cups of coffee at the Reverie Coffee Den this morning—from Salat—one for me and one for my manager (to repay her for her walletless-rescue gesture yesterday), and instead of the Larry’s Beans hot cup protectors that are usually around the cups, today’s had some with “compliment for the day” sayings on them—not unlike the notion of those uplifting blurbs in fortune cookies.

Mine said: “YOUR HAIR LOOKS REALLY, REALLY GOOD TODAY. LIKE, REALLY GOOD.” (And yes, it was in all uppercase.)


For lunch, I helped myself to some delicious vegetable lasagna leftover from our work picnic on Wednesday. It was provided by Two Guys, one of my favorite restaurants on Hillsborough Street.

I wasn’t sure if someone had taken it specifically for them or just so it wouldn’t go to waste, but it had no name on the Styrofoam container, and it’s been sitting in the fridge in that (now infamous) work kitchen of ours since then. It was way too good to let go to waste.

Thanks to PleaseSir for this: Frosting shots! Yummy! (Bakeries are selling them! Read her blog entry about it!)

Another uneventful bus ride home. According to an advertisement on the bus, It was “Bus Driver Appreciation Day” today, so as I exited, I said to the driver, “Thank you for your work.”

I checked my work e-mail once home, and my manager had sent me an announcement of an LGBT event called Fagbus Monday on campus. Cool.

The latest discussion point from the China trip delegation is around creating a group blog, which we’ll all take turn updating during the trip, and whose URL we can provide to our friends and family to follow along with our adventures. This would also go along way toward the journal that the delegation leader is required to keep. I volunteered to set up a blog for us on LiveJournal.

We’re also having a discussion about bringing laptops or not. Some people don’t want to lug one around, and are thinking they can make it through with a smart phone or something like an iPod Touch.

Of course, there’s no discussion from my perspective. I’m bringing mine—not only to keep my daily blog, but to take notes at our meetings with the Chinese delegation. I can type a gazillion times faster than I can write.

It’s Pride Weekend this weekend (with the parade being held in Durham tomorrow), so tonight’s regularly scheduled Show Tunes night was precluded by Bear Night. Both pool tables were closed down—so no free pool—for the event, one of them to accommodate a food spread on it.

Also, at the top of the back stairs, which are generally only for an emergency exit, Brigner had erected a fenced-in patio area. It sure would be nice to make that a permanent area and to require all smoking out there.

It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, which was a relief, and I spent most of the night talking with young Joshua. Kurt and James were the bartenders. I wasn’t out too late. I left just before 1:00, I think it was.

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