Breakfast, a sentence or two of Chinese, creating a new blog, exercising, and some karaoke…

We were up at around 9:00 this morning, and I fixed waffles, eggs, and corned beef hash for breakfast, and we had coffee, which was 9/10 regular coffee and 1/10 Highlander Grogg (caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut). It was all good.

I made a very weak attempt at learning Chinese. It’s hard!

I spent two or so hours today creating a blog for our Technical Communication Professional Delegation to China. The leader proposed we keep one, and I suggested creating one on LiveJournal, since I’ve been using it for over five years, and if we need “technical assistance” we’d always have a “support guy on-site”—me.

I looked through over two-hundred-sixty message board postings from our Yahoo group, gleaning salient topics of interests, summarizing them, and putting a very general “time stamp” (e.g., Late June, Mid-July, Late August/Early September) on them.

I also created an HTML file with our roster in it, lifting the information from a delegation booklet we all recently received from People to People. I put a link to it, and three other useful links for us along the top of the blog.

I’ve got another seventy or so to go through tomorrow, and then I should be able to “go live” with the blog.

I went to the gym, and did ab work, which I really have somewhat abandoned over the last couple of weeks, and some cardio, which I’ve been avoiding due to my knee issues. My back hurt me all last night, which it hasn’t done in many, many months, and which I attribute to having been doing the ab-strengthening exercises. That was my impetus to picking back up on them.

 Exercise Category

 Exercise Type




Ab Crunches

15 minutes

I went back to my old routine of 300 (10 sets of 30) crunches on the ab benches. That last set was a killer.



30 minutes

Out of the elliptical, the stationary bicycle, and the treadmill, I decided that the elliptical machine would have the last impact on my knees, so did that. I did it at level four, and burned 586 calories. Who’s counting. I am, of course.

Leaving the gym at 7:00, and on my way to Food Lion to do some grocery shopping, I listened to a voice mail from Joe, who promptly derailed me to “going down to Flex early and leaving early.”

This never, never, never works. And it didn’t again tonight.

We played several games of free pool, and after karaoke started, Juan Carlos and his outrageous friend Julia arrived, and antics ensued all night long. I finally snuck out of there at 11:30ish, I believe it was. I only said goodbye to Joe, knowing I would be either berated for it or talked about for it tomorrow. Oh well.

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