Some reading, some walking, and some drinking…

We were up at 9 this morning, and we had turkey sausage patties on yeast rolls, with coffee, for breakfast. We were going to try the recently re-opened Farmers’ Market Restaurant, but opted to finish the yeast rolls instead, and save the restaurant visit for another time.

I started reading some of James Baldwin‘s essays, and wasn’t engaged right off the bat. The first two chapters in the book are actually notes about other essays he wrote, and without having, recently in once case, and never in the other case, read the works that the notes are about makes it kind of hard to get into.

I put the book down after a little while and read the back of my eyelids instead.

Late afternoon, I walked around Lake Johnson—approximately 3 miles in about an hour. I listened to two short stories while I walked:

Two Tough Guy Writers

  • “The Creeping Siamese,” by Dashiell Hammett, read by John Shea
    When a man steps into the San Francisco offices of the Continental Detective Agency, then falls over dead of a stab wound, the Op and Sergeant O’Gar investigate, leading them to an old cache of stolen Burmese jewels.
  • “Make Westing,” Jack London, read by Steven Gilborn
    A sailing story, doing anything to get around Cape Horn.

I was pretty taken with The Creeping Siamese as I have an affinity for whodunits and this one was no exception.

I struggled a little with Make Westing, as I have the opposite of an affinity for sea stories, and I’m glad I finished it. If nothing else, it’s a piece by a classic writer.

I met Joe at Flex at 8:00, where we found out that the one pool table that had been removed from the stage last night is gone for good. That’s sort of a bummer regarding Free Pool Friday and Free Pool Sunday—as in 50% of the pool tables are now gone.

And, the one left is the table the “good” people play on, so we’ll probably never get on that one unless the bar is totally empty.

At 10:30, we went over to Legends, where Mary K Mart was hosting bingo for charity. Joe played, and I sat beside him and people-watched.

There was a show starting at midnight, but at about 11:45, I’d had enough and headed home. Joe hung out, as he has the day off tomorrow.

I’m still lagging one day behind in my blog entries. I hope to catch up tomorrow night.

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