Meeting Kevin & Danny@Helios, a walk and an interview, book club, and scareyoke…

I was up early, at about 6:00 after eight hours sleep—since we got to bed fairly early. 

Robert left around 11:00, and around noon, my friend Kevin (zy1125, @zy1125) called to say that he and Danny (his three-year-old son) were having “boys day out,” and wanted to know if I wanted to meet him somewhere for a PBJ (for Danny). I met them at Helios, and we sat outside in the glorious sun.

At one point, Kevin got up to throw some trash away, and as he walked away, Danny said, “That’s my daddy.”

I said, “You like him don’t you?” to which he got a huge grin on his face and responded with an emphatic, “Yes!” So cute.

After Kevin left to take Danny to a playground in a park, I stayed and wrote a little bit of yesterday’s blog entry, after finally getting connected to the Internet with their free wi-fi after way too many tries.

I could hear “the math tutor,” who is there often and was today, say a couple of times, “Now find x,” which always conjures up this image to me ever since first seeing it:

A triangle with dimensions of 3 cm by 4 cm by x centimeters. The directions say, "Find x." Someone has written in "Here it is," and drawn an arrow up to the x and circled it.

I drove over to Lake Johnson and walked around the lake—three miles in about an hour.

While walking, I listened to a great, great Freah Air interview by Terri Gross of a guy named Don Bachardy of the documentary, “Chris and Don: A Love Story.” This is a story about Don, who is an American portrait artist, and his relationship with British writer Christoper Isherwood—whose book “The Berlin Stories” inspired the musical and film Cabaret. They were together for 30 years and met when Don was 18 and Chris was 48 or 49.

This was a very interesting, and touching, story, and I’d like to rent the documentary some time.

At 6:30, I met the Mostly Social Book Club at the Barnes & Noble out at the Streets of Southpoint in Durham. Everyone was present and we finally discussed Lost on Planet China. Our next book is Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.

From book club, I drove to downtown Raleigh, where I met Joe at Flex for some scareyoke—already in progress. Al came in after a while and the three of us hung out until about midnight.

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