Twitter for customer feedback, buying gifts/outa sight-outa mind, and dancing…

~Wednesday~ No complaints—or compliments for that matter—about the bus this morning. I read on the ride in.

I used Twitter this morning to garner some “customer feedback” about our organization, and forwarded it on to management.

At lunch time, I caught the Wolfline bus over to the NCSU Bookstore, where I purchased two gift cards. By the cash register, there was one of those signs that make you wonder what the heck people were thinking when they devised it.

It is store policy that all purchases be placed in a plastic bat at time of purchase. If you do not want a plastic bag, you must place the item(s) in your pocket, handbag, or book bag at time of purchase.

NC State Bookstores

All I could imagine was a distraught bookstore employee crying, “I can’t bear to see our merchandise leave the store. Make them get it out of my sight before they take it away!”

Instead of catching the bus back to my office, I walked through campus and couldn’t help thinking when I passed a couple of students, “I’ve had a career that’s spanned, on the average probably, ten years longer than they’ve even been alive. I’ve been working nearly 30 years now, and they’re only 20 years old. How both exciting and excruciating it is that they’ve got their whole working lives ahead of them.”

I forgot to caputre this writing affirmation from yesterday. Karen’s comments were on Facebook and were with regards to my blog entry from Sunday, June 7th.

Once again, I tried to resist dancing, and once again it was a dismal failure. We had a good number of dancers there, and there was a decent crowd in terms of bar patrons.

Carl taught the dance to Buttons, which is an advanced level dance, and once again, I didn’t get the whole thing, though I did get further along on it than the last time it was taught.

Back home, I read a little more before falling asleep. Progress update looks like this:

817 pages, 271 (31%) read, 566 (69% to read

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