Lucy’s gravely ill, a workout, an MP3 experiment, some work, and some karaoke…

~Sunday~ Who knew it wasn’t about LSD? Real `Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ gravely ill.

I made it to the gym again today—starting out with five minutes of stretching my legs, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical machine for a 518-calorie burning workout.

The MP3 Experiment:

You may not have heard of Improv Everywhere, but you’ve probably seen some of this group’s public stunts on YouTube. Remember the one where everyone in Grand Central Terminal froze simultaneously, baffling passersby? Or the immortal Food Court Musical

Well, last Saturday, the group staged its sixth annual MP3 Experiment, and it was open to anyone who wanted to play along. My son and I did. We joined a couple of other sixth graders and parents.

We followed the Web site’s instructions: (1) Wear a blue, red, yellow or green T-shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. (2) Download the MP3 Experiment audio file and load it onto our iPods–but do not listen to it. (3) Go to Roosevelt Island. At precisely 4 p.m., press Play. Read the rest of the story…

I went to work for a little while today, where I found my boss at work on 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon. She left about an hour later, after being there since around 2:00.

I finished up a website that I’d started a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t managed to get back to since. Enjoyable work, so the time just flew by. Before leaving there at 10:00, I wrote up a couple blurbs for a monthly news service that goes out this week.

If the road were a metaphor for the work I could’ve stayed and worked on, a road sign would say this to me:

"Miles to go before you sleep."

Instead, I took a detour down the road to Flex for a little karaoke. There was an okay crowd, and “Winnie” (a.k.a. Bob) was emceeing, so it wasn’t excruciating from that standpoint. I hung out with Al all night.

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