A buscapade, some work, a workout, Robert’s back, and some language stuff…

~Monday~ I started all over again this morning at 7:00, but this time it was Monday morning, and I did catch the 7:45 bus.

There was a lady on the bus, whom I’ve seen before, with her two little girls—one maybe two years old, the other one maybe three or four. The two-year old was absolutely adorable—with her hair up in three balls, two in the front on each side and one in the middle in the back. She wore shoes of a canvas material, the top part around her toe and over her instep being yellow with a pink bow in the middle of it, the sides being blue, and the back and the trim around the entire shoe being pink. Her older sister had on the same shoes in a larger size.

I don’t know if the little one did it for every person that got on the bus, but I looked up from Anna Karenina when one guy got on and she was sitting there all serious-faced doing the queen’s wave at him as he walked by. Unfortunately, he was focused down the aisle looking for a seat and passed by her without noticing her.

The two girls were in the two elderly and handicapped seats, which faced toward the center of the bus, and which were right behind the driver. The mother was sitting in the first forward-facing seat, facing them. I noticed that she had earbuds in and I thought she was listening to an iPod, but all of a sudden she started verbalizing one-half of a conversation, so I surmised that it was an iPhone.

I remembered then that this is a lady who, a few weeks back was sitting in the seat in front of me, was talking on the phone the entire trip, and at one point reached over to the seat to our right and slapped the little girl for playing with her shoe, taking it on and off.

When I looked at her after starting her phone conversation, I heard this slight gurgling noise, which turned out to be a baby lying face-up on her lap that I hadn’t even seen. His little feet had only socks on them, and he evidently had a cold and was congested. The gurgling was his breathing, and I imagined bubbles expanding and contracting in his nostrils as he inhaled and exhaled, but I couldn’t see his face.

The cute little girl said a couple of times, “Mommy! Mommy!” but along with her young brother’s labored breathing, her cries were reduced to the din successfully filtered out by mamma’s earbuds.

Both my boss and her boss are on vacation this week, which means my officemate and I should get through the week with a lot fewer of the regular interrupts we usually get for things that need immediate attention.

I had only one meeting on my calendar today, and mid-morning, it got rescheduled to Wednesday. Yay. This gave me the whole day to work on a website, which is one of my preferred tasks of the several that I have.

Robert checked in by email this morning, too, noting that due to high waves, the ferry boat from Provincetown back to Boston had been canceled and he was being put on a bus, which was going to make him miss his flight from Boston to LaGuardia. He ended up being re-booked on a later flight returning through Washington, DC.

While waiting for the bus home in front of the State Employees Credit Union, this guy walked out from the side of the building, and I went, “Holy f****. What an incredibly beautiful man.” It turned out to be Adam, our line-dancing DJ, walking his dog Chompers.

Once home, I changed right away and headed over to the gym, where I did 300 ab crunches (15 x 20), followed by a 30-minute cardio workout on the elliptical machine, burning off 575 calories.

At home, I had a killer, killer salad. I poured some soy sauce into a container, shook up some diced chicken breast in it to coat it, and then heated it in the microwave. I poured that on top of my salad. Like Sweet Caroline—So good. So good. So good.

I picked up Robert at 8:30, and he spent a little time back at my house having a little snack and telling me about his trip. Sounds like he had a nice, restful vacation. Yay! 

Thanks to a (straight, but not narrow) colleague who pointed this out—just one more thing that shows that Google “gets it.” Do a search on anything, and look at the separator line between the search argument area and the results area.

Now search on the word gay and look at it again.

A friend and colleague pointed me to this gem:

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