Thoughtfulness credit, catching up my blog, mostly social book club, and some free pool…

~Sunday~ Someone got breakfast in bed this morning, but by the time I got upstairs with it, he had gotten up. He ended up eating it at the kitchen table, which was much more practical, and I still got credit for the thoughtfulness. WIN! [Hover over image for description]

Ha! This entry on reminded me of that girl getting off the bus in front of me last Wednesday!

I could see myself submitting a PostSecret like this if I were a teacher and it happened to me [click on image to see other PostSecrets]:

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon over at the Caribou Coffee at the corners of Edward Mills Road and Duraleigh Road, where I worked on Friday’s blog entry and started Saturday’s.

At 5:30, I went basically “next door” to Qdoba for some dinner. I had the Steak Queso Burrito, which was most delicious.

I met book club out at the Barnes & Noble at The Streets at Southpoint for our June meeting. Not that it’s a competition, but I’m far and away ahead of anyone else in reading Anna Karenina. Out of 817 pages, Mary’s somewhere between pages 150 and 200. Janet has started, but isn’t very far, but it’s a re-read for her. Suzanne and Sharon are still in the (50-page or so) introduction, which is not counted in the 817 pages. Who’s counting?

Other than that check-in with regards to the book, the rest of the meeting was focused on the mostly social part of our book club name—The Mostly Social Book Club.

I gave Sharon a ride home, as she’d been dropped off by Josh and Emily on their way back from Lake Norman, and then I proceeded down to Flex to check out karaoke.

I said hello to a couple of people, had two drinks, played two games of pool with Ian, and left—all by 10:30.

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