Nuts to butts on the bus, musical offices, klatsch Friday, got ’em all cut, & an early night in…

~Friday~ Once again I drove over to the Avent Ferry Park & Ride, but today I got a parking spot, and I hopped on the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus, which departed at 8:24.

A cute boy with reddish hair in a military cut and a blondish-red beard sitting across from me read a textbook, with an “NCSU Libraries” stamp on it, about automotive systems. The boy to my immediate right was reading what looked like a textbook: After Earth Day: Continuing the Conservation Effort. A lady who works in University Dining, evidenced by her uniform, sat across and to the left of me.

And, once again, the bus filled up until it was nuts to butts, and the underwear parade ensued. The things I suffer through just to get to work. Woe is me.

I had a meeting with another director this morning from 10:00-11:00, and by 10:07, I still hadn’t found her office. I tried where I thought it was on third floor, but that office number turned out to be the number of her office in another building, as she currently has two offices, while in the process of moving into our building permanently. Then I checked the office she used to be in on the second floor, but she was no longer in that office. Shortly after that she contacted me to tell me she was now on the first floor, where I met her, and we had a good meeting.

Somewhere between 11:30 and noon, at Mission Joe’s, I joined Sarah, Anna, and Brad for Friday Klatsch, which was already in progress. Not that there’s a formal start or stop time or anything, or even a “meeting” per se—except when there’s an undesirable around and we call a “meeting to order,” just to get rid of them. Always a pleasure lunching and hanging with the salon crowd.

After work, I got my haircut at Great Clips at Mission Valley, where Latoya once again cut my hair, and where I kept her completely away from my eyebrows. The coupons for this semester in the student publication have gone up from $7.99 to $8.99, but still a good deal, and you know I had one with me.

I had hoped to get to the gym before it closed at 9:00 tonight, but I was so absolutely exhausted from being out so late last night, that instead, I went to bed at 8:30. I “framed” it as a nap, but I knew darn well it could turn out to be an all-nighter, especially since I had to be down at State at 7:30 in the morning.

And that’s how it all played out.

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