Nice perfume, must you marinate in it; creepy guy lurks and leaves; and a seedling costs…

~Friday~  I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus to the Student Health Services stop on Dan Allen Drive.

A couple of stops later, two young ladies boarded and took seats next to me, and one of them smelled like she had marinated in Sweet Honesty perfume, if that’s still around.

From the Student Health Services stop, I walked over to the Talley Student Center in the light drizzle for a 9:30 meeting with Tracy, the student leader, and Joyce, our co-advisor for our Gulf Coast Alternative Spring Break Trip.

My boss called in sick again today, and her out-of-the-office e-mail said that she was pretty sure she had the flu. Yucko.

I met Sarah at Mission Joe’s for lunch, where she squealed with the appropriate amount of delight to see me, and later posted this affirmation to Facebook:

Thank you, John Martin, for transforming frustrating and unproductive office hours into a much better day.

She was sitting at a small table, because “creepy guy,” had approached her, as he had most people in the place, and she didn’t want to have room for him to join her.

Once I arrived, we moved to a bigger table, and as soon as I set up my laptop, said creepy guy approached our table and asked about the wallpaper on my laptop, which is of a lunar picture. I exchanged a polite pleasantry with him, and then fortunately, he left us alone.

I love this news clip for a couple of reasons, not the least of which watching the video reveals so much more about this kid’s ethos than reading the transcript could ever provide:

I was a dull, dull boy this evening, but very productive for Manbites Dog Theater. I spent four hours finishing up the capturing and editing of the remaining 80 minutes of that recording of our 25th Anniversary Planning Meeting of January 23rd.

I finished at 1:00 AM.

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