A fallen wall, a bus driver with a short little span of attention, a new morale low, & a workout…

~Friday~  As I walked down the short paved entrance into my townhouse area, I looked long and hard at this retaining wall to see if it had: 1) naturally eroded, 2) been vandalized, or 3) been hit by a vehicle.

But in the end, I couldn’t draw any definite conclusion. Can you?

Fallen retaining wall in entrance to my townhouse area

I was at the city bus stop at 8:16 this morning, and the weather was so dreary, at 44° and a slight drizzle, that it prompted me to look at the weather app on my phone to see how long said dreariness was projected to last.

Just as the bus came, at 8:21, I saw a half-naked guy out of the corner of my eye, which you know I checked out as soon as I got on the bus and it pulled past him. He had on only gym shorts—no shoes, socks, or shirt.

He had two large dogs on leashes that were barking at something and pulling on, and tangling, the leashes. I had two lasting impressions about the scene: that’s pure T crazy (being half-naked in such weather) and that’s hot (being half-naked).

Hot Mess Driver was at the helm this morning, and you might remember she got that buscapade name due to the way she keeps the bus like an oven. Today, however, the incident that I’m about to relate multiplied her hot mess factor exponentially.

So, we’re the first vehicle stopped at a traffic light, waiting to cross Western Boulevard, which is a main thoroughfare. At about 100 feet on the other side of the intersection, there is a bus stop. We can see it from where we’re stopped.

About a minute before—right after the previous stop—someone had sounded the indicator for that next stop, which is business as usual. Let it be known that this same driver—as I’m pretty sure I noted here several weeks ago—after someone sounded the indicator a little on the late side for a stop on Hillsborough had said to the bus at large, “I would really appreciate it if you would give me more notice for a stop.”

So, we’re at the red light, the stop indicator is on for that next stop, and she says to the bus at large, “Would the person who rang the bell for the next stop, please wait for the light to change before ringing the bell to stop? When I sit here this long (it is a long light, bless her heart), and it turns green, I might have forgot and drive right past the stop. (Note: Not only does a bell sound, but a big red light stays lit right above the driver’s rear view mirror that says, “STOP REQUESTED.”)

Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, she opens and closes the door to “reset” that huge, red, stop request light so it won’t remind her any more that someone wants to get off at that stop. The light turns green, and as soon as she steps on the gas to start moving into the intersection, the person rings the bell again.

Work was a drag today. I was exceptionally apathetic, and an event took place just indicates that employee morale is at an all-time new low level.

‘Nuff said about that. Let’s just say it’s time to get a little more serious about shopping around for a new life adventure.

I met Sarah (and Jonah) and Anna for klatsch today at Mission Joe’s. I didn’t have any rhetorical discussions cued up. I did share the Hot Mess Driver story with them, which garnered an appropriate response.

Right before leaving work, they called to say my car’s body repair was finished, but I couldn’t get there before they closed at 6:00, so I’ll pick it up on Monday.

I had to really talk myself into it, but I did get to the gym this evening, where I did 225 ab crunches, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.

And, then, I stayed in this evening.

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