Bus carry-ons, snagged on @outagetracker, a Social Media Day meetup, and master punmanship…

~Thursday~  I got to the city stop at 8:16, and the bus arrived at 8:25. There were more students on the bus than usual, as the university buses are on a weird schedule this week; I think it might be between Summer Session I and Summer Session II now.

There was a man on the bus with a suitcase too big to be a carry-on on a plane. I guess all bags are carry-on on the bus. Well, unless it’s a tour bus, where you can “check one” under the bus.

A lady sitting across from me was on her cell phone the entire time I was on the bus. She was evidently on some customer service call with perhaps her bank. She was speaking loudly and saying what her userid and password were loud enough for everyone to hear. “”Well, I know it was processed…” she said. If only she’d’ve said what website or system she was logging into. Tease!

I always think it’s funny when I discover a Twitter account that automatically retweets tweets with a particular topic. This happened with one of my recent tweets, the one announcing the posting of a recent blog entry of mine that mentioned in its title a power outage I experienced:

RT @nematome A Potter funeral home, a survey submitted, and a rolling power outage... Monday's blog entry

This morning, I put an origami-folded bow tie made with a five dollar bill and a 9-volt battery on Jen’s desk. The money was for two boxes of Snackwell popcorn that Jen introduced me to, but I’ve been able to find in my grocery store, which she’d picked up for me and gave to me at our Glee viewing last night.

The battery was for her smoke alarm, which I noticed sitting on the island in her kitchen needing a new one.

I attended our weekly 1.5-hour Google Implementation Team meeting in the Avent Ferry Technology Center across campus from 10:30 – 12:00, catching a ride with my boss’s boss.

At one point during the meeting, during which I always take minutes even though I’m not the “officially” designated minutes taker, an action item was articulated and someone said, “Did you get that, John?” to which I replied, “No, I was playing Scrabble.”

At ten minutes after 2:00, our intern and my friend, Vanessa, came into my office and said, “John? Were you going to come to our 2:00 meeting?” Ooops.

I parked in front of Flex at about 7:15 and caught the next R-Line bus to come to the stop between there and Flying Saucer, which I took over to the stop closest to Busy Bee for the Social Media Day Meetup.

I joined @dragonsprout (Des), @ncsumarit (Jen), @NCdaisygirl (Sarah), and @NCSUvanessajade (Vanessa) for a local celebration of a national day.

More than anything else, I was surprised by the number of Tweeters I know in the Triangle area who weren’t at this event. One perq of attending was meeting @renewabelle, whom I’ve been following on Twitter for a long time.

When the event broke up, the five us moved out to the deck area, where we had dinner. I split an order (although I ate most of them) of “loaded” tater tots with Vanessa, and washed them down with a bourbon and diet.

From there, I caught the R-Line back to The Borough. It was absolutely freezing on the bus, evidenced by a passenger who got on and exclaimed, “It’s like an icebox on this bus.”

I had one drink at The Borough, where the only people I knew were Gene and Phil, who left shortly after I arrived.

I dropped into Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night, where I spent my time with Bob. I didn’t really see any of my regular peeps out, although I didn’t take very many twirls to look for them.

Bob alerted me to an upcoming event at The Regulator Bookshop in Durham that I’m pretty excited about, and have put on my calendar! Thanks for letting me know about it, Bob!

The Great Durham Pun Championship (7:00 pm)

If you feel that every morning is the dawn of a new error; if, for you, a day without puns is like a day without sunshine—there’s always gloom for improvement—this event is for you!

Pairs of punsters will be given a subject and the first punster will have 10 seconds to come up with a relevant pun. Then punster number two gets 10 seconds. If they succeed it’s back to punster number one. On it goes!

We’ll start the evening with about 20 contestants, and a couple of hours later the last pun person standing will be crowned The Pun Master of Durham!

Think you can stand up to the punishment? Sign up at the bookshop to be a contestant! Or just come on by to enjoy an evening of fabulous word play and beer featured from Fullsteam brewery.

Note: Rules will be based on The O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships, held each year in Austin, Texas. See www.punpunpun.com for details.

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