The worst, but most loving thing; an uncracked CrackBerry; & TWC redeems itself via social media!

~Sunday~ I woke up and was surprised to see that it was a little after noon. Glorious weekend sleep.

After making a pot of coffee, and preparing a whole grain bagel with some honey walnut cream cheese, I settled down with some country gospel music to read this week’s PostSecrets. Oh, it must be Sunday.

I found this one to be today’s most compelling secret:

I let the person who taught me to love for love's sake only intentionally overdose and talked to him while he died. I did not try to save him. It is the worst thing I have ever done. I also consider it the most loving.

I made a concoction for lunch, whose taste ended up being nowhere near as good as I had imagined it would be. It was just meh.

It involved pasta, EVOO, tomatoes, garlic, onion, fake seafood chunks (I know what you’re thinking, but I like that stuff.), and Parmesan cheese.

The goal of the dish was to use up some of the tomatoes I have from Sarah, so in that respect, the dish was a huge success.

Late in the afternoon, I made my way into my office, and for the fourth time since I’ve owned it, I dropped by BlackBerry in such a way that I thought, “Oh lord. That did it.”

Expecting to see the display cracked, or the case chipped, after reaching way under my car where it had ended up after hitting the pavement. Miraculously, it wasn’t damaged at all. And for the fourth time I thought, “I really should get a protector case for that.”

In the office, I devised Friday’s and Saturday’s blog entry from my notes, and shortly after I posted Saturday’s entry, which had this in the title, “TWC’s worst customer service ever,” from out of the blue—totally unsolicited—on Twitter, I was contacted by Time Warner Cable’s Customer Care team with this series of tweets:

Was the billing issue addressed?

If you really care, read these (with a pointer to two of my blog entries)

These are the links to those two URLs: and

Those two tweets told me that he had read my blog entries.

Bryan was a customer service professional, and by that I mean he got customer service. He was knowledgeable, empathetic by acknowledging my frustration, and he listened to me when I talked even if I was just venting sometimes.

The phone call was very helpful in understanding what happened, as well as in restoring my faith in Time Warner. He told me that the Turbo is only $10.00 more a month, which having been prorated for just July and August would have only been around $20, but the charge to my credit card was $211 and some change, because when they upgraded me to Turbo back in June (which I didn’t request), they actually added a second line to my service and put the Turbo on that line. Crazy.

He took the time to explain everything to me, including how things were going to proceed in terms of the credits that I’ll see back to my credit card, as they had to be done in stages. I also went over with him that whole modem exchange back in June, telling him that I still had that old modem even though two people had told me at the time that I could drop it back by one of the local offices, or that I could just dispose of it.

So, I ended my night totally jazzed about the potential of social media and customer service, aware of what a perception and game-changer it can be when, totally unsolicited, a company recognizes an issue and proactively contacts the customer to say, “I can make this right for you.”

For tonight, at least, I was a delighted Time Warner Cable customer.

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