Pay and hold on, cigarette smoke on the bus, and coffee at Caribou with Joe…

~Thursday~  I caught the 8:15 city bus in this morning.

I like this morning’s driver as a driver in general, but she has no mercy in terms of giving you a chance to get to, or even anywhere near, a seat before driving on.

As soon as that fare machine reads the final edge of your dollar bill, or the last bits and bytes on your electronic fare card, her foot is on the accelerating throwing you past that yellow line that makes it legal for the bus to be in motion.

I had to skip our weekly Google Implementation Team Meeting at the Avent Ferry Technology Center, because I was too swamped with work. I was deep into usability testing a new tool that’s going to be rolled out in Google, and I didn’t want to break the flow I was in.

I was still deep into it at 2:05, when I got an instant message from my boss and our intern that they were waiting for me in the conference room for our 2:00 meeting.

On the bus ride home, the city bus stopped at the Method Post Office, which is a sync stop, and he had a cigarette in his hand as he exited the bus.

A passenger pulled one out herself and followed him off the bus, but he evidently decided he didn’t have time to smoke one and got back on.

The lady had already lit hers outside and you could see that she was aggravated following him back in. She hadn’t put her cigarette fully out and it smoldered for, literally, less than five seconds on the bus until she mashed it against a perfectly good metal side panel of the bus to put it out.

It was absolutely incredible how much, in that very short amount of time—from one cigarette—it stunk up the bus.

At home, I ate one of the leftover cupcakes from last night, and had some of the leftover dip, and then I napped for one-and-a-half hours.

I was about to leave to meet Joe at Caribou at 8:00, when my sister called, and we spent about 20 minutes on the phone talking about the situation with my parents and my mom’s surgery, which evidently is back on for the 19th.

I arrived late at Caribou’s, where as usual, Joe and I talked most of the night away. It was kind of noisy (with loud talkers) when I first got there, but most of them left within about 30 minutes of my arrival, so that was good.

We departed when the place closed at 10:00.

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