A cranky cranky morning, arrogance on the bus, a new razor AND blade, and tossing my salad…

~Monday~  I woke up not feeling at all like going to work. I thought of a reference made in a Facebook status update by my friend Hugh yesterday:

Two things were contributing to my malaise this morning:

  1. My left eyelid was totally swollen and itchy. I smeared some Bacitracin on it, and spent the whole day with the words “bastard tracing” as an earworm.
  2. My razor blade cut me, which means it’s time to change it. It has been almost seven months since I last replaced it after all.

    I popped the current blade off and after getting its replacement out of my medicine cabinet, I looked down on my sink to see a little piece of plastic, which had broken off my razor. Rut-roh.

    Razor with the blade clamp on the right side broken off.

    In that red circle? There’s supposed to be a blade clamp like the one in the yellow circle. Which is what was laying on my sink.

I got to the bus stop at 8:18, and one of those students from a week or so ago was there. Another one of them stepped out from the back door of their townhouse at 8:22. Here they are. Does it look like that guy in the shadow is holding his phone up to take a picture?

My shadow leading up to the two guys at the stop.

The bus arrived at 8:27. There were only two people on board, one being the lady with the defiant hair from Friday. She didn’t mess with it at all today.

Five people got on at the next stop and as soon as one of them took the seat across from me, her loud-assed ringtone blasted out some loud-assed song with more of it playing than I cared to hear, as she raised a big-assed ass to release the phone from inside her pocket. Does this phone make my ass look fat? No, your fat ass makes your ass look fat.

Contrary to the owner’s imagination, whenever I hear a ringtone that’s a song, I don’t think, “Oh, how cool,” but instead think, “I sure hope you didn’t pay for that ringtone with all the free ones that are available.”

The Preacher got on at the McKimmon Center stop, and after paying his fare forward of the yellow line, he gave a tired-assed “Bless you” to the driver before proceeding with his droning-assed reading aloud of the bible the entire rest of the time I was on the bus. Another arrogant Christian.

I can just imagine the ruckus that would ensue on the bus if someone read from the Torah or the Quran out loud. Or perhaps tomorrow, I should board and represent the pagans:

Wearing this…

Witch's hat

holding this…

Spell book

and chanting this…

Elphaba's chant in Wicked

Did I mention that I was kinda cranky this morning?

My day zipped by today, as I was in flow most of the time, putting final touches on that document that consumed my weekend and devising an email about its status to send to our CIO.

This evening I made my way to Kmart in the midst of a nasty, nasty electrical storm, but managed to arrive unscathed.

I bought a new razor, which cost way more than I anticipated, but god knows how long it’s been since I’ve actually bought a razor, if I only buy blades every six months. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve had this razor since college. And by “college,” I mean undergrad in the late 1970s.

While there, I also bought a new toothbrush, and picked up my Nexium refill. From there, I drove over to the Food Lion on Avent Ferry, by which time the storm had pretty much passed.

Once home, after slicing up a cantaloupe, I chopped up carrots, mushrooms, celery, a cucumber, an onion, and a green pepper to use in salads the rest of the week.

And later in the evening, it all looked so good, I made myself a big ol’ salad to test out the ingredients.

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