Gigi = Goodigoodi

~Wednesday~  We had an after-work wedding shower for Vanessa, one of my co-workers, and her fiancĂ© Brian, who are getting married in a little over a week. We had drinks and some appetizers at the Village Draft House in Cameron Village, and on the way, Jen and I stopped at Gigi’s Cupcakes to get our … Read more

“8” is enough…

~Tuesday~  After casting my vote during lunch time today, I went over to the Raleigh Little Theater, which is pretty much right behind the building in which I work, where they were showing—for free—the play called 8. I wish everyone could see this play, and oddly—in retrospect of what President Obama was about to do … Read more

My blog’s 15 minutes of fame…

~Sunday~  Back on Thursday, I received a directed tweet from Dr. Michael Evans, who created this video that I watched on January 2nd, and which started my Walking Challenge 2012: I had directed a tweet, which is also included in the tweet stream here, to him after posting my April Walking Challenge 2012 update: It … Read more

“Oh, I get it now…”

~Friday~  On my way down to Myrtle Beach, I saw my first yard signs urging a vote for Amendment One on the May 8 ballot. I’d heard from friends that as soon as you’re out of Raleigh and into the rural areas, you’ll see a lot of them. This is the first one I saw: … Read more