Still not well, prodigal gym trip, TWC & Twitter again, and a celebrity quiz…

~Friday~ I took a sick day today, and went back to sleep after sending an email to that effect to my boss. I took two more Pepto-Bismol tablets. I woke up at 11:25 and downstairs adding the coffee to my coffeemaker, which is right under my calendar on the side of the fridge, I noticed … Read more

An awardless morning, an annoying TWC bill, a “meh” (at best) NCGLFF film, & still not up to snuff..

~Thursday~ I was into work early this morning, and I got a free all-day parking spot as a result of it. At about 10:10, I hitched a ride with my colleague, Sarah, over to the Avent Ferry Technology Center for our week Google Implementation Team meeting from 10:30 – 12:00. This is the one that … Read more

Clindamycin side effects, a USPS sympathizer, a black bean brownie, and a 3:15AM return flight…

~Monday~ I was ready to head out at 8:05, which is about 15 minutes too early for the city bus, so I checked to see where the Wolfline bus was. The GPS service indicated, “Route not in service.” Oh yes, it’s that week after summer session ends, but before fall session starts, so only three … Read more

The worst, but most loving thing; an uncracked CrackBerry; & TWC redeems itself via social media!

~Sunday~ I woke up and was surprised to see that it was a little after noon. Glorious weekend sleep. After making a pot of coffee, and preparing a whole grain bagel with some honey walnut cream cheese, I settled down with some country gospel music to read this week’s PostSecrets. Oh, it must be Sunday. … Read more

Charred Trees and Leaves, laptop shopping on a tax-free day, & TWC’s worst customer service ever…

~Friday~  I was up at 4:45, and no, that’s not a typo. I left home at 5:15, and when I went to turn right onto Kent to head up to Western Boulevard, there were two police cars blocking the road both directions, and up ahead I could see a bunch of cop cars and a … Read more

Priceless customer service, a dying laptop, a solar-powered knickknack, & tweets from the grave…

~Thursday~  I went to the Mission Valley Bruegger’s where last week on the same day the customer experience I had made me decide to do something to recognize it. I was ecstatic when I walked in to see the same manager on duty again this Thursday, as well as most of the same crew. I … Read more

Hard being nice, a proposal, a new Scrabbler, unsolicited credit, & the rhetoric of underlining…

~Monday~ I am ready with my thank you to acknowledge the crew at Bruegger’s, so I drove there this morning hoping to find the same manager and most of the same crew working that was there on Thursday when I was treated so well. I went in to scope out the scene. The manager on … Read more

Great customer service, too hot for tacos, tomato-clam-Parmesan pasta, & a sign from god to go out..

~Thursday~ I worked from 9:00 until about 10:15 at the Mission Valley Bruegger’s, where in spite of not getting the memo, it turned out to be “Gay Day.” There certainly were more of us there than the purported 10% average in the general population. I continue to be impressed with the management and staff of … Read more

A remarkably uneventful bus, not-so-smart Smart Mix, customer non-service, & locker room TV rhetoric

~Monday~ I parked between the city bus stop on Kaplan and the Wolfline bus on Gorman in order to be able to catch either home in the afternoon. The ride in was remarkably uneventful, which is different than just plain unremarkable or just plain uneventful. I expected my boss back in this morning, as she … Read more

Saved by a colleague, more unsolicited feedback, another fraud check, & a holy trinity bar night…

~Friday~  I drove to work this morning, where with no all-day free parking available, I took a two-hour spot and set my alarm for 10:35 to move my car. My work afternoon was much more productive than my morning, but hey, that’s all in a day’s work. A colleague and friend, David Ladrie, dropped by … Read more