The Best of Enemies, a play depicting early 70s Durham school integration history…

~Friday~ Tonight I attended opening night of Manbites Dog Theater‘s area premiere of The Best of Enemies, where we had honorary audience members—two of the “real” people who were being portrayed in the play, and two of whom were the children of one of the people being portrayed in the play. If you’ve lived in … Read more

A humorous—and at times poignant—play at Manbites Dog Theater: The Homosexuals

~Thursday~ Tonight I attended the preview performance of Manbites Dog Theater‘s current production, The Homosexuals. Synopsis: When Evan, a young gay man, first arrives in the city, he encounters a group of friends who welcome him into their family and change his life in ways he could never have imagined. A sexy and funny tale … Read more

Seventy Scenes of Halloween, a play at Manbites Dog Theater

~Friday~  As I watched Manbites Dog Theater’s current show—Seventy Scenes of Halloween, which is being remounted 25 years after its first run as the theater’s first show in 1987—I was thinking, “This is the kind of theater that Manbites has built its reputation on.” I tried to imagine just “coming across” this theater company and … Read more

A Dozen Things to Think About: Manbites Dog Theater’s Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them

~Friday~ Last night I saw Manbites Dog (MBD) Theater’s current production, Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them. As is almost always the case with MBD shows, it’s a day later, and I’m still thinking about the play—and more things from it than I can count on two hands. Here’s a list of a dozen … Read more

A Manbites board meeting, lunch in Hillsborough, and blackout night at Flex…

~Saturday~  I got up at 8:30 this morning, and I made up a dozen sausage “biscuits” before heading to Durham for our 10:30 Manbites Dog Theater board of directors meeting. Biscuits is in quotation marks, because the turkey sausage patties were actually on rolls, not biscuits. I walked around Geer Street looking for the building … Read more

A productive board meeting, a lunch with Moxie, hours of minutes, and shirtless men drink free…

~Saturday~ I was up at 7:30 this morning, and I left for Durham at 9:45, so as not to be rushed for my 10:30 meeting downtown. We had a productive Manbites Dog Theater board meeting, which was scheduled to end at noon, and we actually adjourned at 11:50. My kind of calendar integrity. I ran … Read more

Hard being nice, a proposal, a new Scrabbler, unsolicited credit, & the rhetoric of underlining…

~Monday~ I am ready with my thank you to acknowledge the crew at Bruegger’s, so I drove there this morning hoping to find the same manager and most of the same crew working that was there on Thursday when I was treated so well. I went in to scope out the scene. The manager on … Read more