Secrets “down there,” survey participants break 100, Heliosing, dinner out, and dancing…

It’s riotous stuff like this that makes me want to rethink not having a television for almost five years now. NEW YORK — In response to a revealing paparazzi picture, Rosie O’Donnell wants Britney Spears to start wearing underwear and to stop hanging out with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Spears has been photographed more … Read more

Please help with my research paper!

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help! From the perspective of the study of sociolinguistics, there is only a small body of work around the idea of “sounding gay” — both in terms of what that means, and how it is learned (or not). The phenomenon has been studied, again linguistically, with varying amounts of research … Read more

Home Sweet Home and dueling Tinas…

I got out of the bed at 10:13; checkout time was 11:00. I dialed 0, and in my most tired morning voice, I said, “Can we please have a late checkout at noon?” “Yes, that won’t be a problem,” she said. Checking out, she asked, “Was everything okay?” “Yes, everything other than that huge water … Read more

A weekend in Savannah — Day 2

We got up at about 10:00, and at about 10:40, were just about to cross the street to try breakfast at Daily Bread when Joe’s phone rang. He and Nitton had talked about having brunch together today, and he was checking in on that. Nitton said to invite me, and to meet their group at … Read more

A weekend in Savannah — Day 1

I picked up Joe at about 10:00, and we took I-40 W to Benson, where we picked up I-95 S and took it all the way to Savannah. We exited onto 17 S in Savannah, and we could see our hotel while crossing the bridge into the city. We stayed at the recently-renovated Thunderbird Inn, … Read more