Hot Mess Driver & Logorrhea incognito, a flask@klatsch, a recycle yenta, & a lost bet…

~Friday~  In a rare event, I awoke before my 7:30 alarm went off, and I actually went ahead and got up. I made coffee, breakfast and lunch, all “to go,” and I was at the bus stop a wasteful two minutes early, at 8:13. The weather was absolutely prefect this morning—cool enough to notice, but … Read more

A hairy run, a meds drop-off, hateful overeating, a let-go bartender, and Jackasses…

~Wednesday~  I was totally not into going to work again today, which is a trend I don’t like. I’m going to make some adjustments to my personal calendar today to factor in a little me time. I don’t do the introvert thing often, but every once in a while it beckons me. I parked on … Read more

Football, not teaching, stupid; eating affirmations; scientific miracles; & a distressing defense…

~Tuesday~  I was dragging ass this morning, and it took everything I had in me not to call in sick for the day. I put off getting out of bed so long that I didn’t have time to make breakfast, lunch, or even coffee to take to with me to work. I parked on Gorman, … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 5

~Monday~  We started our final day in Key West with a poolside breakfast. I know you’re: Today I had the mushroom and Swiss omelet with wheat toast, and it was yummy, yummy, yummy. We had to check out of our rooms by 11:00, and since we weren’t leaving for the airport until 4:00 or 4:30, … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 4

~Sunday~  The service at breakfast this morning was most annoying. Shall I enumerate how so? I think I will. It was way too long after I joined Joe before someone came to ask what I wanted. One of the waiters has the incredibly annoying habit of looking only at what’s on the table and never … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 3

~Saturday~  For breakfast this morning I had a wheat bagel with cream cheese, and I topped it with grape jam. After I’d finished, one of the guys who works there walked by our table and he leaned over and said to me, “I really like the way you put the cream cheese on your bagel.” … Read more

Key West Vacation—Day 2

~Friday~  We had breakfast at the Island House poolside restaurant, as will probably be the case for the next three days as well. Today, I had their three-cheese omelet with some wheat toast. And coffee, of course. I worked a little on my pictures and my blog this afternoon, and I sat in the bar … Read more